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England email - website
He's hot and makes me wanna faint every time I see him from his hotness

Victoria Ward
New Zealand - website
He's sinister, creepy that why I like him

United States - website
What, you mean besides the fact that he is practically a sex god?

Vittoria K
Australia email - website
Detention with this man would be anything but boring. A sneer, swish of his cloak, and Rickman giving me the 'longest' of lectures, while I scrub a dirty cauldron..... some punishment! :p

England - website
Well look at him. That raven haired beauty, his onyx eyes glittering in the moonlight

Vivian Charles
England - website
He is a sexy beast and is the best teacher.

United States - website
He's sexy as heck!!!

Poland - website
Everything. Voice. Eyes. Character. Mysteries all round. Intelligence. Sarcasm. Everything.

Azerbaijan - website
May be because he is so unusual and very enigmatic.

Singapore - website
He's an intriguing character with unknown motives. If he's a good guy, he's quite pitiful and selfless. If he's a bad guy, he must have been pretty good for Dumbledore to trust him.

Scotland - website
He is the most amazing, stunning person ever! I LOVE SNAPE!

Netherlands - website
He is so hot and sexy

United States - website
Because he was an enemy of Sirius, make Harry get mad and is all around awesome!

United States - website
I love him!! I bow down to my Prince!

Canada - website
He's the head of Slytherin House.

Norway - website

England - website
Gorgeous mind and body, who couldn't love him- the sexy, snarky Slytherin!

England - website

China - website
True man, true love

Yasmarie Moreno
Puerto Rico - website
Because he's intelligent , sexy & and very cunning

England email - website
He is soo hot and I love his hair and his voice and all the rest of the stuff about him.

Yosheena Aballax
United States - website
Professor Snape is the sexiest man I've ever had the pleasure of laying eyes upon.

Philippines - website
because Professor Snape is so hot and sex. he's also very intelligent and I love him. ^.^

Japan - website
Turn to page 394 ^.^

England email - website
The perfect man !!!

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