Author: Hamish
Disclaimer: No I don't own Harry Potter, My daddy said he wouldn't buy it for me! I only own this poem!

This is about Hermione not being able to think, talk do anything associated with Draco Malfoy because he is the enemy! There may have been a relationship between them no one knows!


Iím surrounded by manipulators

People who are blind

Seeing only what they want to see

Creating images and illusions

Making a perfect world and life

Introducing me to strangers

Who act like people I know

Yet I donít feel the warmth

Making me utter words saved for loved ones

Not replacements

Saying fouls words

Pulling me deeper into the void of darkness

Called sadness

Not letting me whisper his name

Without being angered

Portraying him as the bad guy

Making me feel guilty for mentioning it

Wishing I wasnít here

But with him

Counting down the days

Till I see him again.

By Hamish!

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