Author: Kira

Ari sat so Draco could lay down with his head in her lap. (Try that on for size Pansy!) She stroked his hair, wondering what he would do to Aria, who normally goes by Kary so as not to be confused with her sister, this time.

It delighted her to know that she was Draco's favorite. Draco was odd to her. She actually liked him. (And for the record, he's the first.) When he was around Ari was open. She told him things she had never told anyone else. (Including the fact that she wasn't exactly human, and the fact that she was really related to Kary.)

But now Ari's thoughts were back on her legal guardian. He was as old as she was and had forbidden her to have contact with Draco. She had showed him though! She had actually brought Draco into the palace for a few days over the summer. It infuriated Harry though. (Harry Avalon, Ari's legal guardian) But that's what Ari did best, defied authority.

The cart came along and Ari wound up buying them both Chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. They both ate quietly. Ari was beginning to wonder why Draco was so quiet. "So, over the summer I left a snake in Kary's bed and it wrapped around her leg as she climbed into bed! You should've heard her screaming!!" She exclaimed. Draco laughed. "I'm sure it must have been hilarious!" He answered.

Ari looked at Draco. "Is something wrong?" She asked. "No." He replied. It was getting dark out and the stars were twinkling from outside the window. Kary ignored the stars and listened to the darkened sky itself. It began talking about trouble.

After a half-an-hour Draco fell asleep. Ari just sat there. Then she thought she heard her sisters voice. She listened carefully. Ari lifted her head. It took her a moment to realize Kary was talking to her telepathically. she asked exasperatedly. Ari rolled her eyes. She snapped. She blocked her sister's voice from her mind and peered at the sleeping Malfoy. Her last thought before falling asleep was He's just as cute when he's asleep as he is when he's awake.

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