Author: Lantina


The evening sky was dark and stormy with a promise of light rain ahead. However, this bad weather was hardly a rarity now, not since the Dark side had gained power.

The wizarding world was positively terrified, especially after the Dark Lord had killed Harry Potter who was their only remaining hope. The number of Death Eater attacks had increased drastically. Even the Ministry of Magic had ceased to function.

There were only two people remaining who were as powerful as the Dark Lord and one of them had already pledged his services to him. Draco Malfoy had become the Dark Lord's most loyal Death Eater. He had money and power, but most of all he had protection. Everyone felt that Draco had everything a person could possibly want, especially in those dark, dangerous times.


The sky clouded up ominously above me, though I didn't very much mind this weather. It suited my emotions perfectly; dark and stormy.

Most magic folk envied me, assuming I led a perfect life. What they didn't realise, however, was that I, too, lived my life in fear, just like the rest of them. Even I was afraid that I'd come back one day only to find my family dead. Even I was afraid that the Dark Lord would kill me. Mostly, though, I was afraid that the Dark Lord would find out about the relationship I so cherished with her.

There's no question in my mind that, if he found out about us, the Dark Lord would personally kill me--or worse, kill her. I knew that neither one of us would be able to withstand that.

I shouldn't let my mind delve into these dark thoughts. The Dark Lord has no possible way of knowing about this. I am perfectly safe.

The Dark Lord has a new mission for me today, a mission which, as he says, he will entrust only to his most loyal Death Eater. I am supposed to feel honoured.

I walked through the dark, dingy alleys which surrounded my house, and finally arrived at the Dark Lord's mansion. It is a giant, black castle surrounded by the deserted, purple moor. There is always a light mist around it.

It made a perfect hideout for the Dark Lord, housing only the most powerful and evil creatures of the wizarding world within its walls. The mist turned into a dense fog.

I took out a small dagger from my pocket and cut my hand so as to draw as little blood as possible. I smeared it on the door and was immediately allowed entry, making my way through a narrow corridor to a low room.

The room had a rather eerie look to it, almost entirely dark, save for the light provided by the single oil lamp that hung high above on the ceiling and highlighted the damp, grimy walls. In front of me, in an ornately carved chair, was the Dark Lord. I kneeled before him and kissed the hem of his robes.

"Ah! Draco," he said in a high pitched voice, which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. "I see you have returned to me... Very well, today I have a mission for you, a mission that I think only you are capable of completing."

He fixed his snake-like eyes on me, before continuing with, "A certain little witch has become a little too powerful for my liking. The majority of the wizarding world actually thinks that she may even defeat me! This is an extremely unlikely possibility, of course. However, it makes me slightly uneasy. I think you will enjoy eliminating her. The name is--" he paused briefly, before continuing--slowly and menacingly--"--Granger."

His thin lips curved into a slow smile. I was shocked, but forced my face to remain expressionless even though I had a sinking feeling that he had probably found out.

"Draco, I would like you to remember one thing before you leave," he said to me finally. "The Dark Lord always knows, and the Dark Lord does not forgive."

"Yes, my Lord," I muttered, before standing up and dusting myself, hastily stepping away from him and exiting through the large doors.

It had started raining heavily and the winds were gradually increasing in velocity. Strangely enough, I didn't notice. The cool rain felt soothing against my hot forehead, pelting heavier and heavier until finally shifting to a ferocious gale, tearing at everything in its path.

Just like the Dark Lord had torn everything of mine apart , I thought dryly.

When I returned I shuffled into my bedroom to change out of my soaking wet clothes into something cleaner, something drier. I knew what I had to do. It was the only thing that I could do. I sat down and whispered quietly under my breath, ‘Mitta Nuntios!’

A quill and some parchment appeared before me, almost instantly. I began to write; each barbed line was an abyss which I wished I could lose myself in and hide my confused feelings.

Dear Hermione,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Listen, Hermione, I have something very important to tell you. The Dark Lord has sent me on a mission. He will kill me if I cannot complete it. The Dark Lord fears that you have become too powerful, Hermione. He thinks that you may help turn the tides in the coming battle. He has sent me to eliminate you. I am afraid that there is only one thing that I can do now. He will kill me if I fail to complete the mission.

I will always love you,


I dropped the quill and heaved a sigh of discontent, even though I knew I had done the right thing. I could never bring myself to kill Hermione. I knew she would probably be very sad if I wasn't there beside her but I had no other choice. I picked up the quill for I had yet another letter to write.

the Dark Lord,

You have always told me that I was your most trusted Death Eater, your most loyal. The truth is, I was never that. I am not just a mirror image of my father. I could differentiate between right and wrong. That is one of your greatest weaknesses, you could never do that. I have been against everything you stood for, for you see, I understood pure and unconditional love. A person likes you, not for what you have but who you are. It is in this very spirit that I refuse to commit what would have been my very last murder,


Now all that remained was waiting for a reply from Hermione. I found myself feverently hoping that she had taken it well. I took to pacing my bedroom floor anxiously awaiting a reply when I felt a cold draught which indicated that it had arrived.

Dear Draco,

I cannot even begin to explain the emotions that coursed through me after reading your letter and my only question was- why? Why did you want to throw everything away? All the happy times we spent together, all the childhood memories, do they not mean anything to you? However, I would like you to know that I have surrendered myself to the Dark Lord. I would also like you to remember all the happy times we had when I am gone. I love you Draco.

Yours forever,


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