Slytherin House Forums

October 5th, 2006 -- Prior to this, acceptance to the board was on a very limited basis, and for now this will be a trial period to see if new members can conduct themselves in a mature manner. If you wish to participate at the Slytherin House Forums, you must read the Guidelines at the board before registering, have a full understanding of them, agree to, and follow them.

Before registering at the board, you must enroll as a student here by clicking on the link marked Slytherin House Enrollment in the menu, and the name you submit as your own, must match at both places, should you choose to participate at the forums. Make sure you read the rules about this, because certain names will not be allowed.

After you have registered, you must send an Owl to Professor Snape (be sure to remove the brackets and replace 'at' with @) to let him know that you have read the guidelines, agree to abide by them, and understand that if you fail to comply with any of them, that you understand you can and will be removed from the board. All of that must be stated in the Owl you send him, so that we know you have read this. If it isn't, you won't be accepted. If you don't send the Owl at all, you won't be accepted at the board, either. (You may still be processed as a student.)

Acceptance is at our discretion, as we want to ensure that all members will have a pleasant time without the possibility of trouble makers ruining their enjoyment.

Have you read all of the above? Once you have, and the necessary steps to register have been completed, proceed here.