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United States email - website
I love Snape because he is mysterious and perhaps one of the smartest wizards to have ever lived. he is mean and hateful because he lost the one woman he ever loved and he dedicated the rest of his life to avenge her death (which he unknowingly facilita

Czech Republic email - website
Sinister, gorgeous, loyal and just perfect.

United States - website
He's Hot And He The Coolest Professor At Hogwarts!.

India - website
So royal and seemingly evil yet gentle and caring (though only for Lily) on the inside...

United States - website

Abyee Williams
New Zealand email - website
He is strict but hiding true pain that underminds him

Hungary email - website

Romania email - website
Because he is the greatest character in the books, because (in the films this is) Alan Rickman is cool, because he is far more intelligent than everybody in that book, except DD but he is dead so... I have another 300 reasons but it's too much to write.

Adrian Kris Black
United States - website
The seduction of his evil ways that draw him into your full attention by the way he expresses himself leaves you powerless to do otherwise besides want to be with him forever. His darkness and mystery is the classic characteristics that excite the body an

Agatha Heils
Brazil email - website
'Cause he isn't a hero, he's just himself, and his way it's just perfect. He's a good person, but not a boring person. He's awesome.

Singapore - website

Russia - website

Argentina email - website
one of the best characters ever. he is intelligent, cunning, dead sexy, mysterious, detached. <3

United States - website
He is a good man, beautiful soul, and a great wizard.

Italy - website
He is sexy

Philippines email - website
I just love him

United States email - website
He is sexy and I would love to do him!!!!

United States - website
He is just friggin awesome

United States email - website
He is simply delicious

Canada - website
He keeps cool, he's a spy, he could lie without Voldemort noticing (Occlumency).

Alana Williams
Australia - website
What can I say? "Sinisterly Sexy" I think it says... Lol

United States email - website
He's awesome and he hates that stuck up Hary Potter plus He's sexy

Netherlands email - website
He's just damn hot! The way he is, it's awesome.

Aleas Aden
Myanmar email - website
He's the only person I've ever heard of who believes in love that long, has faith in it and doesn't even let the matter of his own life and death get in the way.

Alec Hopkins Fan Site
United States - website
His sexy voice, his commanding demeanor, his intelligence and skill, the little reading of minds thing, and last but definitely not least, the billowing black robe.

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