Author: Kira

Arianna looked around the platform. She was hoping to see either Draco or Ron. She wanted to talk and joke with Draco. But she also wanted to slip a big, hairy spider in Ron's belongings. That was why Draco and Ari got along so well. She always had some evil scheme in her head. Finally she got tired of standing around and looking through the crowd so she climbed on the train.

She walked silently through the aisles, wondering if maybe Draco had already gotten on. Then she saw the familiar forms of Crabbe and Goyle. She ran up behind them. The boys seemed to have heard her because the next thing she knew fist were being swung towards her face. She blocked the hits with ease. Crabbe and Goyle were no match for her. She had been trained to fight her whole life. Whether it be with swords, fists, knives, guns, staffs, archery, or magic Ari always won.

That's another thing about Ari, she loves power. And she's definitely got plenty of it. Truth be told Arianna Nakur Greenleaf was not a pure blooded witch. She was also part... well we wont go into that. It's a very long and complicated story. I'll put it into simple terms though. Ari wasn't human. She was Galadrian. A race that is a mix between elves and humans. More elf than human though. Ari ,like her father, had long black hair and the most piercing icy blue eyes you would ever see. But sometimes when her temper flared her eyes turned crimson red.

Ari's fist landed in Crabbe's stomach and Goyle's chest. They stopped trying to punch her. Draco's head peeked from around the corner. "What's going on?" He asked. "Oh, nothing really. Your idiots are just trying to beat me up again." Ari said, a hint of amusement in her voice. Draco rolled his eyes and motioned for her to follow him around the corner. "Any new ideas on how to make the Gryffindors' lives miserable?" He asked as they sat down in his compartment. "Oh. plenty. You expect me to go a whole summer without thinking of at least 27 new ideas? I'm so disappointed. I thought you knew me better than that." He grinned. "I had to spend the whole summer with my twin sister. I couldn't stand all the 'And then he... Oh and he's so... I had to tell him...". So yeah I got about 73 ways on how to make the Gryffindors' lives miserable." She said.

Draco quit grinning. "You had to spend the summer with Aria?!!!" He asked. He got angry whenever Ari was forced to spend time with her Gryffindor sister. Aria was more like their mother. Long brown hair, dark blue eyes, goody two shoe attitude. It drove Ari crazy. Aria was light and Ari, Ari was the dark. She could prove it with the black crystal on her chest.

"Yeah. Poor me. I got stuck with Aria all summer." Ari said quietly. Flames danced in Draco's eyes. This gave him an excuse to do something to her sister. He loved to torment her sister. But then again who wouldn't. Aria was so easy to hate if you were a slytherin or even anything like Draco. I'm not gonna'' say like Ari because Ari hates almost anybody who's not like Draco.

These are Ari's definitions. The definition of nice is: smiling while torturing people. The definition of good is: Pretending to feel bad about smiling while torturing people. The definition of bad is: Just plain laughing in the person's agony as your torturing them. That was Ari for you.

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