Author: Tammy York

Your name: Tammy York
Your friends: Constanza. Your relationship with her: You two get along great, like two peas in a pod. You joke a lot and never, ever get into any fights about boys or crap like that.

Hair: straight black hair with green highlights
Body structure: slim/slender

Your relationship with Draco is a weird one. He has always kinda loved you but you think of him as a ‘really’ good friend even though you know he likes you. He plays along but sometimes can’t help himself. You let him hang out with you just because you’re not that mean.
His buddies are…well, lets just say they aren’t the brightest crayon in the box so even Jacob isn’t sure…and he’s supposed to be the smart one.

Cousins: Jacob and Nick. My relationship with Jacob: the two of us are like partners! We both love to joke and hang out with Constanza. We both understand each other very well and never get into any fights. And since Constanza doesn’t like sports, you two play them together. One on one basketball, soccer, tag, anything, you name it.

Your relationship with Nick: Loves to hang out with Jacob and you. Nick loves sports. He likes to joke, although sometimes on a bad day he can be a little sensitive, so you gotta be careful. But you and Jacob always know where to draw the line. Some people, however, do not. He likes to hang out with You, Jacob, Constanza, and Draco (since he tags along). Only you and Jacob tease him about how he needs to fatten up since he is sooo skinny! Gosh, you’d swear that one day he’d be able to run faster than Jack Bauer.

Chapter One

“It’s time.” You opened a sleepy eye and looked out the window. True, Hogwarts was in site. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. “Time, time, time, we’re running out of time,” you mock your friend Constanza. She grins at you and knocks your head playfully. “Shove off,” she orders. “Ah, just a few more minutes, mommy, and I promise I’ll get up,” you mock her, smirking. You both laughed and got into your school uniforms. You brushed your straight brown hair out of your eyes and looked at Constanza. “Are you ready ‘yet’ slow poke?” you tease her. She shoots you a playful glare and shoves you into the wall. “Hey,” you cry as you tumble to the floor. “That’s not very nice, you naughty girl,” you tease her. You pick yourself off the floor and shove her back just as she finished putting her straight blonde hair into a ponytail. She stumbled but didn’t fall. “Nice try, Tammy.” She smirked at you. You returned it with a sneer. “The train is stopped, lets go,” you said. She followed you out into the hallway where everyone was waiting to get off.

As the two of you got into a carriage, you noticed Draco Malfoy notice you. He smirked and walked over with his friends Blaise, Crabb, and Goyle. They climbed into the carriage and Draco sat down beside you, Constanza on your right. The other three sat on the opposite side. “So where were you on the train?” you asked Draco. “We were looking for you.” He replied, kissing you lightly on the back of your hand. You smirked. “Ah, Draco, let’s not start this again.”
“I’m not!” he protested.
“You are too, ferret boy!” you laughed and smirked at the same time, snatching your hand away. “So what happened with you this summer?” asked Draco, looking hurt.
“What?” you asked. You honestly had no idea what he was talking about.
“You never returned any of my owls,” he accused you.

“Oops,” you replied, smirking. “My bad, I’ll try and do better next time.” Constanza giggled and put her head on your shoulder. She was almost asleep when you reached the castle. You pushed her head off your shoulder and the six of you left, walking up to the castle together. Constanza was walking on your left, talking to you when Jacob came along. You flung around and hugged him.

“HI!” you said, not letting go but hugging him tighter. “Ouch, hi,” he grimaced. You let go and the three of you began to walk up to the castle together. “In a different compartment, I couldn’t find you guys anywhere.” You had obviously lost Draco so the three of you decided not to ‘wallow in your grief’ and continued on your way without him, chatting along the way.

You took a seat next to Constanza and Draco sat down on your left. You turned towards him. “You’re never going to be on my right hand side, are you?” you smirked. He grinned. “All in perfect time.” Jacob sat down opposite of you and glared at Draco. You gave him the calm down stare. He grinned at you. The ‘okay, Tammy,’ grin.

Dumbledore’s voice rang throughout the great hall like a foghorn. You eyed Pansy who was glaring at you from across the table. She probably thought you’d stolen her Draco. You didn’t break eye contact and weren’t really listening to what Dumbledore was saying until his last announcement. “This year, I would gladly like to announce to you, your new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. Lucius Malfoy!”

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