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England email - website
Sheer Smoldering Presence

United States - website
He is dead sexy. He's dark and brooding and dangerous, you never know what he's thinking unless he wants you to. He hates Harry because he's automatically popular, etc..He is just really hot. He's a professor so there is a kind of forbidden thing going on

Azerbaijan - website
Well because he is sooo sexy. I only wish he taught at my school. (wink,wink) Well if anyone also loves him please add my email and we can share our interests

United States - website
I love the whole angry, dark and mysterious thing. Along with those dark eyes.

Spain - website
Handsome, mysterious, sexy, perfect!

England - website
He's absolutely stunning!

Somedutta G.
India email - website
Same reason that you give...sinisterly ****

Somedutta Ghosh
India email - website
Same reason you have...sinisterly ****

Italy - website
I love the way he thinks and he's so sexy

Australia email - website
Dark, enigmatic, incredibly intelligent, cool & calm...calm with that other worldly gaze

United States - website
He's mysterious, cool, evil, funny when he wants to be... o ya and he's frikkin gorgeous!

United States - website
He is so smexy!

France email - website
Because he's simply the best

India email - website
His enourmous strength of character and yes he's so sinisterly sexy....

England - website
Sexy sexy sexy gives me butterflies

United States email - website
The reason why he rocks is his sexy voice, and his sexy body

United States - website
He is the only person I would love to have detention with!! :) LOL!

Stacy Wells
United States - website
He's sinisterly sexy, a friggin genius, a hardass, and one bewitching MoFo!

United States - website
Because Severus Snape/Alan Rickman is freakin hot!!

United States - website
Severus Snape is sooooo freakin SEXY AS HELL!!! Plus he is a beautiful mysterious man on the inside I so would want to do him!!! xD

Trinidad/Tobago - website
Is cute and sexy, he did love and lost so I think it made his heart hard and cold he just needs to see that he can love again!

Malta email - website
Mysterious, brooding, a tongue so sharp it could cut in 2, he is my kind of guy *sigh* ;p

United States - website
He's so sexy and mysterious

England email - website
Seriously sexy

United States - website

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