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Scotland - website
Darkly delicious

Sarah Ballew
United States email - website
He is a complete bastard, yet oddly sexy and likeable.

Sarah M
England email - website
because he's hot

Sarah Soobitsky
United States - website
Because he's a hot sexy guy and I would love to have his kids

Sarah-Jane Brice
England - website
He's gorgeous, and so misunderstood and complex!!

United States email - website
Because he is cool

India email - website
he never shows emotions and thus succeeds in hiding his weaknesses,whatever they are. he is mysterious.

United States email - website
I Love The Way He Is.

United States - website
He's the best man in the WORLD to me, FOREVER!!!! He's just so brilliant..

Italy - website
He's a master of sarcasm and a lovely bastard

Sasha Thorn
Romania email - website
He's a complex character. During the seven books he remains calm, logical, but in the same time he's showing many emotions. He had a sad life and he still remains on the good side.

United States email - website
Because he is amazingly HOTT! He is MY MASTER! He is the best wizard in the world...better than Lord Voldemort, Albus, ect. and I don't get why he can't be the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professer because he would rock at it! And soo much more

Sawyer McMahon
Canada - website
it's impossible to list all the reasons

United States email - website
He is a man who has lived a hard and lonely life. He lost the woman he loved, and he never forgotten about her. That is true devotion. He is just a sexy beast, courageous and funny.

Scarlet Fitzgerald
Philippines - website
He is incredibly hot, a great character, and is exceedingly smart. In conclusion: He is a Magnificently Sexy Professor.

Scarlet Snow
United States - website
He's mysterious, enchanting, and... sinisterly seductive!

Philippines email - website
Well as all of us Knows Professor Snape has been the Master of the dark Arts, and all of us Thinks that the Dark Arts Rocks, but it only Does when Professor Snape is the One Teaching Us...

Selena Travesty
Philippines - website
He is sexy! He's cold and callous which is really appealing. He has long dark hair and body. Professor Snape's hot!!

United States - website
Cause he's Snape and is incredibly sexy!

Sweden email - website
The bravest man you would ever meet

United States - website
I love him! He is just amazing!

Mexico - website
The most intelligent man ever !!

Bosnia - website
I like Snape because he is so mysterious...

United States email - website
Name it.

Sera Darke
United States - website
Everything about him is sexy! Plus, you gotta love the outfit lol

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