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Ashley Williams
United States email - website
He's a truly gifted teacher who hasn't been given his due.

India - website
His hairstyle, features, acting, clothes...almost everything man....and the best part is that he hates Harry, and so do I. That's why he rocks to the core!

United States - website
His vocabulary and wit.

United States email - website
He's never boring.

United States - website
So damn sexy!

United States email - website
He's a dirty, low, rotten, ugly, insane, ambiguous, mysterious, angry, angsty, fascinating, OBSCENELY GLORIOUS bastard who has infiltrated my brain and controls my thoughts. He is NOT sexy. He is not a nice person. Regardless, he still holds a special pla

France email - website
His exterior darkness hides the purest of the lights inside him. No one understands how much he suffers and that he is the most wonderful wizard, I'm sure he himself can get over Voldemort because he choses his own way and not the way of somebody else. Lo

Scotland - website
Because Alan Rickman plays him! He makes Snape so darn sexy, I couldn't help but be drawn to him!

Australia email - website
He is not good, but not bad either, Intriguing

United States - website
Everything about him rocks!!!!

England - website
Because he stuck with Lily until the end! awwww..

United States - website
If the voice and the hair didn't do it for you, the psychology behind his character will. For love of a mystery, I worship the Prince.

Indonesia email - website
His devoted love

United States email - website

B. Humphrey
United States email - website
He loves Lily Evans no matter what and always. Very romantic of course.

Spain - website
He is mysteriously sensual, amazingly clever and deliciously shirty

Banu Pavithra
India email - website
Just for the same reason as Rowling had suggested - the bravest character in Harry Potter associates!

Germany email - website

United States email - website
He is the sexiest Potions teacher ever and his sneer is breathtaking.

United States email - website
He is good and bad, mysterious, witty, and so very sexy.

United States email - website
He has so much to give, and is so misunderstood

Beatrix F
Portugal email - website
He's a bad boy with power. And, of course, he's wonderful!!!

Becca Dancer
United States - website
Dark and Delicious

Becca K
United States - website
He's just the best. That's just it.

Becky M
United States email - website

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