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Lillianna Nessie
United States - website
He is a great potions master and he's a great spy

Wales - website
He's just amazing. :3

Lillith Lolita Winters
United States email - website
He is so deliciously dark & sexy.

Lillith Maxwell
United States - website
Because he's Snape! What answer could be simpler or more complicated than that? Do you really want me to write out 30 inches about why he amazes me?

United States email - website
b/c he's a bit of a bad ass and a hottie.

Lilly Adens
Myanmar email - website
He's a man of faith and love. He never lets other matters get between what he believes.

Russia - website
I very love Professor Snape!

Canada - website
He's soo emo, and so am I. He's super sexy and a potions genius. And he's like the best death eater turned order member EVER!! I f'ing love Snape!!!!!

United States - website

Lily Mauler
United States - website
He does mean best, His voice, so damn brave, his eyes= He`s just plain sexy

Lily Phoenix
United States - website
He's sexy, he's intelligent, he's a loner, and he's a loyal OOTP supporter!!

Lily Way
Italy email - website
I love Severus Snape because he's freakin sexy!! and he's dark and a little emo!!! And the best character of H.P!!!

United States email - website
I always knew he was good, and admired his profound strength of character. Way sexy!

France email - website
There is no words enough to express what I feel :/

Lindsay Faye
Canada - website
Why DOESN'T Snape rock? Tall, dark and handsome. what else?

Lindsey Calhoun
United States - website

Australia email - website
Natural charisma, dark, mysterious, and so damn sexy!!

Belgium - website
He's strict, cold and inaccessible.. Really it makes him so hot!!

Reunion - website
He's so charismatique ..and sexy !

United States - website
He is amazingly sexy, smart, and snarky

England - website
Do I REALLY need to answer that????

Liz Doughty
England - website
hes just so lush he makes you want to grab him.

Lizzie Wartooth
United States - website

Netherlands - website
He is very sexy

United States email - website
He's hot

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