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United States - website
He is effin' hot as I need another reason?

England email - website

Chile - website
Do I really need to answer that? Let's see... hum... IT'S BLOODY PROFESSOR SNAPE, IT'S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID!!!

Morocco email - website
Because he's such a rock star xD !! I adore him and I adore detentions!

Poland - website
He is sooo cute... and sexy ;PP

Sri Lanka email - website
He's simply great, dark, troubled, sexy and....he is capable of love as much as I am.

Mexico - website

Australia email - website
He lived, suffered, and died for love.

United States email - website
Snape rocks because I love him and he is just soooooooooo hot!!! If I could do him I would dump my boyfriend and do Severus every day!!!!

United States - website
He is the eternal anti-hero

United States email - website

Karen Goytizolo
Peru - website
Is intelligent, enigmatic, sarcastic and powerfull. But he has a side that we donĀ“t know, about his past and life. We want to know more about him and and give love to him

Karen Olsen
United States - website
He's a bleeping genius! He was a brilliant student, and is a brilliant potions/Dark Arts scholar. His skills rank among those of the greatest wizards of his age. He is intensely loyal to Hogwarts, and he has survived a very difficult youth, the tribulat

Kari V Clements
United States - website
Any man that can be so torn and conflicted inside and yet maintain such a cool, calm, and sexy exterior is a God walking amongst mere mortals.

Sweden - website
He is sexy, intelligent and truly brave. Not brave like that silly Harry Potter but truly brave. Like a real man should be brave. He is my immortal love.

United States email - website
How can you not love the Professor?! I love the way he torments Harry and Neville.

Puerto Rico email - website
All he did was so brave, admirable. He is an intelligent man and his attitude rocks!!! He has all my respect and admiration.

United States email - website
He alone makes the HP world erotically enticing...who else IS there?

United States - website
Because he's complicated but when you look back you realize he's not that difficult to understand, at least, not too hard all the time...

United States - website
He's amazing, he's a Potions Master (Love that in a man ^.^) , He's hot, he let himself love....and he's hot. Hehe..

England - website

Kate Drake
United States - website
He's incredibly misunderstood, loving, and so sexy it should be illegal. :D

Germany - website
There's much too less of space to explain that...

Bulgaria - website
I just Love him. He is the best !!! What else can I say

Sri Lanka email - website
My......He is just so dark, mysterious, lonely, troubled and yet so romantic in his own ways...and Severus Snape is just like me........And..why do I spend my nights tossing on the bed these days, just wishing for him to hold me, whisper in my

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