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Marina Fagerberg
Sweden - website
He's so hot! I melt at the sound of his voice. Great wizard and yeah, all the reasons everybody already knows! ;)~

Marisoly Alvarez
Venezuela email - website
He's INTELLIGENT, LOYAL and BRAVE... and of course SEXY!

United States email - website
He scares me!

Puerto Rico - website
He's by far the greatest character ever written.

Marlin Grey
Germany - website
He's evil. Need to say more?

United States - website
Dangerous, Intelligent, Sexy, Wears Black, Mysterious, and Above all he can show me how potions can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. "I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death."

Maryse Wilson
United States email - website
Too hard... It should be why he doesn't rock... hey...wait...That's impossible.^^

United Arab Emirates email - website
Uncountable reasons! I'm just soo in love with him!

United States email - website
He's flippin awesome!

May Valle
El Salvador email - website
The Wizarding World would be seriously lacking if a character so deep and intriguing was missing from it

Brazil - website
He is handsome, mysterious, brilliant, sexy, powerfull and cruel! Snape's girl through and through!

Poland - website

United States email - website
He's sexy and he has a good side to him :)

Norway - website

Italy - website

Megan Beattie
Scotland - website

Megan Jones
England - website
Sevvy is so intensely sexy!

United States - website

Megs McCarter
United States - website
Professor Snape is an amazing teacher, and never fails to ruin a Gryffindor's day! :)

Mel Farell
Canada email - website
He's Witty, Sexy, Smart, Mysterious, Moody and Dark. Plus He's a Death Eater. What more could you want from a guy?^-^

Mel Mareena
United States - website
...Intelligent and just plain spectacular

Hungary - website
Because he makes my knees tremble, and a nasty naughty little feeling creeps upon me anytime I think about him (or his voice...)

United States - website

United States - website
I just love him :)

Chile - website
His beauty is the darkness (and is too sexy!), his power is the occultism. He's a real man!! I LOVE SEVERUS SNAPE!!

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