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Dena Jae
United States - website
because he's soo sexy, smart, unruly mean and damn good at it!

United States - website
Mysterious & Dark

Germany email - website
His sarcasm!

Germany email - website
the voice *sigh*

Desiree Saldana
United States - website
because he is professor Snape

Germany email - website
Very intelligent and dangerous

Mauritius email - website

Devina Anindita
Indonesia - website
I don't know if he rocks. But I am simply touched by his sacrifice, amazed by his beauty, speechless with his brain, attracted to his personality, and obviously have a crush for him. It is so simple,isn't it?

England email - website
He is sexy, brilliant & brooding, but the book version is just as wonderful, and I never gave up hope he was the good guy, his tragic ending was devastating.

Netherlands - website
He is very sexy ;)

Turkey - website
because he is so damn sexy and i love the way he talks,walk,smiles.shortly,i like every part of him!!

Bulgaria - website
Severus Snape is the best!

United States - website
Mysterious, dark,

Brazil - website

Croatia email - website
One of the most intriguing characters from HP books, perfect at its cruelty and sarcastic comments. Severus Snape is simply one and only.

United States - website
He's enigmatic and intriguing, but also truly and beautifully brave and devoted. And yes, he's mighty sexy.

United States - website
I love the way he talks, and his deep, dark eyes!

United States - website
Severus- The best teacher, the hottest guy, The smartest person on campus, And best of all- he likes books. I can understand what he went through as a child, and what he's going through in the current books... And... He's the best, ever, because he is!

Netherlands - website
He's mysterious, sexy and I LOVE his sarcastic remarks.

Croatia - website
He's sexy and I like his calmly but effective shape of voice :D

United States - website
Well, he was the bravest man ever.. and he just rocks....

Edite Carlos
Canada email - website

Edward Hiyuzuki
United States - website
His deep voice (love it), his hair, and his EYES.

Eerily Familiar
United States email - website
He's hot as hell, there's more to him than meets the eye, and he is capable of loving more deeply than most people can even dream about.

Spain - website

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