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Canada - website

Melissa C
United States email - website
Because he's intelligent, a prat, dark, mysterious, and "dead" sexy.

Melissa Talevski
England - website
He's sexy and hot

Melissa Watts
United States email - website
He's sinisterly sexy!

Canada - website
'Cause hes a royal a$$, dark and mysterious, has a passion for what he does - AND Dumbledore trusts him... Plus having Alan Rickman play him in the movies is a HUGE bonus :P

Turkey - website
Power, style, charm, charisma... he's all the man that I need...

Norway - website
Smart, dark, cool

Mia Tarkela
Finland email - website

United States - website

Michele Doenges
United States - website
He's sexy, hilarious, seductively melancholy, and oh-so deliciously mean. WOW! getting chills!

Michele M. Bernard
United States - website
He is super evil, and everyone else just sucks!

Canada - website
He's sinister and mysterious and adorable^^

Peru - website
I love him

United States email - website

Bulgaria - website
He is super evil! I'm in love in Severus cause he is sooo sexy:) I think he is the one of most interesting characters in HP! He ROCKSSS!!!!

England email - website
Because he does! he's so dark and bad and sexy, yet he's good, and cares and dumb Potter doesn't realise Snapes saved his ass, and just hasn't delivered him to The Dark Lord when he could have so easy, what with his sneaking out all the time, AND in the l

United States email - website
He is the standard which other men will always fall short of.

Mexico email - website
Because he does!

Netherlands - website
He is a complex genius. Very well played by the amazing Alan Rickman.

Miranda Frost
Poland - website
He is so mysterious.... and he is the Potions Master XD

United States - website

Poland - website

Germany email - website

Miss Cindy
United States email - website
His voice, confidence, manner, intelligence, that nose! What's not to adore? Alan Rickman does it best!

United States - website
Can't decide between that voice or those piercing eyes....

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