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Tracy Ann Shaw
England - website
He is just so mysterious

Tragic Kat
United States email - website
Because he's evil & good at the same time, like me. Plus he's really hot!

England - website
His cool exterior and his cold black heart. But not, as it turns out, so black as he appeared.

United States - website

Estonia email - website
He is so sexy and I love him

Canada - website
Gorgeously ominous, the man can't do *anything* that isn't sexy...! I loved that part in Goblet of Fire in the library when he was pulling back his cuffs

Trisha Carter
United States - website
I love his attitude towards everything, especially Harry. And lets face it he has that cool vampire thing going on and that is damn sexy

Thailand - website
I still believe he's always a good man.

Spain - website

Bulgaria - website

Norway - website

Slovakia - website
Because he's a ultimate hero of the Books. :)

Tze Qing
Singapore email - website
He's loved Lily all these years, and Alan Rickman ROCKS.

United States - website
He's a sexy beast.

Italy - website
OMG..With the black robes, that black hair, those damn black eyes...Christ! He's so damn sexy. Then he's so...evil! So sarcastic! And last but not least...he's "the bravest man I've ever knew"...The Prince who died for love...I'm in love with Severus!

United States - website

Valerie Cox
United States - website
Because he is hot and I like his attitude!

Valerie Letont
Belgium - website
snape is the best 4ever! end sexy !!!!

Italy - website
Simply because he is Severus! XD

Vanessa Mares
United States - website
Really there is only one reason why Professor Snape rocks - because he's hot!

Australia email - website
1. He has an air of shadiness, TURN ON!

England - website
How long do you have?

England - website
He's so sexy it's almost scary.

Vicki Dragonthron
Australia - website
He rocks because he teaches potions! I love potions! And hes so cool, he can give me a detension anytime :D

Vicki T. Hogan
United States - website

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