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Laura Moonlight
Catalonia - website

Laura Suchorzewski
England email - website
He keeps his emotions inside and comes across so strong. He is sexy in a dark and deep way. He is mysterious and beautiful. I'd gladly have detention with him any day.

Laura Watson
United States - website
Professor Severus Snape really rocks because he is my favorite potions master from the harry potter movies! he is my most favorite! his voice is soo evil and awesome.

Mexico - website
Oh.. he is just extremely SEXY!! and he is just so cruel with all those Gryffindors and that is great!! I loved him since I read of him in HP:1.... he is the best and no one can be like him!!

Canada email - website
He's the strongest, bravest, hottest HP character ever. Since day one.

United States - website
He's hot and sinister, making him irresistible...

United States email - website
He's hot!

Denmark - website

Líle Collins
United States email - website
Professor Snape rocks because he is Professor Snape. That should be enough, in and of itself. He is the most attractive man ever to have graced this planet and the most intelligent. He's an Occlumens and a Legilimens and the Potions Master. What more coul

South Africa - website

United States email - website
Hes sarcastic and sexy and doesnt take crap from anyone

United States - website
He's just so hot and evil, I love him

Canada email - website
I LOVE the Character of Professor Snape. He is the only Character who isn't completely bad or good. He is also so sexy in the movies!!! Alan Rickman Rocks as Snape.

Russia - website
I love him!!!!!!

Italy - website
I like him

Italy - website
He is one of my favourite characters of HP

Levina Overstrand
Indonesia - website
Because he is my Professor Snape!

United States email - website
His voice is the coolest voice ever, he is just...AWESOME!!!!

United States - website

Czech Republic - website
Because he's so sexy and he's the Death Eater

United States email - website
Just does. 'nuff said

Sweden - website
He's hot, clever, gorgeous, sexy, he's got a voice that's aah, smashing.

England - website

Liberty McFarlane
United States email - website
He's a Slytherin, Great Professor, and very good looking

Lilith Seraphena
Germany - website
He is soooo awesome!!!!

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